Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pop quiz: guess this popular vegetable

Crisp in bite and clean in taste, this diverse vegetable spans many cultures and their pet dishes. The airy, almost nonexistent texture may not offer much sustenance when eaten in its purest form, but vamped with the proper seasonings and accompanied by more robust components, this vegetable can satiate your hunger in a jiffy. In Korean cuisine, it's used as a staple alongside cabbage, to make fiery kimchi; it's also found floating in a brew of moo-guk soup. Head to many Chinese snack shops and dim sum spots and you'll find it encased within blocks of turnip and carrots cakes. At Japanese restaurants, shreds of this vegetable top slinky cuts of sashimi as a garnish. The imposing size is elongated in length and voluptuous in shape. Pakistani restaurants will gather the bunch of vivid green leaves sprouting wildly from the top and fry it with a no-fail blend of garlic, ginger and red chili. Can you name this versatile vegetable and have you had the pleasure of eating it?

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